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MycoSense Harvest Manager
for industrial mushroom growers

Equip your team with the most advanced, integrated, and complete Mushroom Farm Operating System.   Save countless hours thanks to mobile and desktop apps helping your teams forecast production, match demand, plan harvesting staff, and more.

  • Desktop App for forecasting, production planning, staff planning, cold room stock review

  • Mobile App for mobile-friendly tasks walking around your production facility

  • Built in collaboration with several of the world's leading mushroom producers in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the USA:  We've seen it all! and built the Mushroom Operating System, adapted to all types of farms.

  • Fully configurable to adapt to your production facilities, whether you produce in wooden trays, Dutch shelves, tilted shelves.

  • Our software helps your staff coordinate production, staffing and logistics between multiple production facilities

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Producing mushrooms reliably, is very hard work. It takes extreme dedication, persistence, and unfailing management, 365 days/year.

Serve your customers better by using the right technology to help forecast and manage your harvest.  Grow your reputation as a reliable producer.  Grow your revenue and profit by being more efficient.

Wecome to Modern Mushroom Growing

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Growing Room Daily Check

  • Perform your regular growing room rounds, several times per day,  equipped with Harvest Manager App

  • For each room, Input estimated harvest for the next 7 days and view key data to help you predict 

  • Forecast weight and/or number of pickers for harvest

  • Flag the rooms you want to check again, need harvesting assistance, or have excess workers.  

  • Share your growing room status reviews instantly, wirelessly, with your colleagues. 

  • Multiple harvest managers can collaborate, comparing forecasts automatically using the Consensus feature

  • Easily train new Harvest Managers

  • Works offline (inside the growing rooms) and online (Wifi, 4/5G), iOS. & Android, Windows & Mac

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Growing Cycle Planning

  • View all your growing rooms, and their status

  • Plan your filling, to match your harvesting staff capacity

  • View your growing room statistics in on place

  • Coordinate your grower's activity with your sales planning and harvest managers

  • Save all of your growing room filling data in one place, gain performance from your statistics

  • Make management reviews easy, with mobile and tablet-friendly interfaces

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Cool-Room Check

  • Review your inventory in the morning or evening with the Mobile Fridge Check

  • Data flows instantly to your order planning and harvest management tools

  • Manage your cold-storage professionally, and ease sales planning

  • One or multiple cold rooms can be configured (BIO, non-BIO, Shipping, etc.)

Sales Planning

  • Match your harvest to customer demand, reduce waste

  • All your numbers in one place, with advanced data-mining software doing the number-crunching for you

  • Harvest weight, cold-room storage weight, purchasing  from other growers to fill your daily demand: All the tasks made easy through instant digital coordination

  • Handle BIO and non-BIO planning, view your future day's forecasts and production plan

  • Feel confident you can serve your customers in time

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Roles & Responsibilities

The MycoSense Mushroom Farm Operating System (MFOS)  is designed to be used by the people engaged in the following activities in your farm:


  • View overall statistics

  • Manage roles

  • Receive Alerts


  • Daily cold storage check

  • Review customer demand

  • Validate inbound stock


  • Input growing room filling data

  • Set mushroom type, filling date

  • Forecast flush dates, volumes

  • View Harvest Manager forecasts for all growing room, 7-day view

  • Set production targets

  • Participate in daily Consensus meetings with Harvest Managers to agree on harvest


  • Perform growing rooms checks multiple times per day, input forecasts in the mobile App

  • View harvesting targets room by room, set alerts

  • Instantly produce status report

  • Participate in daily Consensus meetings with Grower to agree on targets and review staffing

  • (coming soon) Manage your pickers schedules, auto-assign pickers to growing rooms


  • Input seasonal sales forecasts

  • Manage product list

  • Manage daily demand, set targets for harvest manager

  • Manage products by type (White/Brown, Strain, Bio, etc.)

  • Set time constraints for harvest managers to deliver products


  • Harvesting strategy per growing room

  • Coordinate pickers

  • Set picking locations (shelf, level, section)

  • View realtime pickers position

  • Track performance, use past performance to estimate harvesting

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