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Pointing Ready-to-Harvest Mushrooms
Intelligent harvesting, with Machine Learning & Data Mining


Faster Harvesting

  • Choose cap sizes to pick

  • Accelerate your harvest

  • Hands free, no wires

  • Remotely monitor progress of pickers

  • Speed up training

  • Fits all traditional infrastructure

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 15.15.03.jpg

Case Study

See many more case studies, pictures, and videos in the Examples section

MycoSense Spotlight 2-minute Test.jpg


  • Intelligent mushroom detection

  • White / Brown button mushrooms

  • Cap size: 20mm - 120mm (5 size selectors per program)

  • Point what to harvest

  • Point what not to harvest


  • Distance to bed: 30cm - 150cm

  • Harvester working area width: 100cm

  • Bed depth: 70cm (1/2 bed from each side)

  • Luminosity adjustment for projection

  • Autonomous operation: 4 hrs (battery swap at mid-day)


Spotlight Device Weight

  • Net Device Weight: 1.15kg

  • Including battery: 1.6kg

Benefits for the grower:

  • Train new pickers

-Acceleration of the performance

-Relief for the instructors

-Training temporary forces

  • Efficiency increase for experienced pickers

-Selection of mushrooms to be picked is displayed

-Concentration on picking order only

  • Optimised picking: Increasing the yield

-specification of picking size is precisely adhered to

-Weight optimisation due to later picking

Spotlight mounted on cart or lorry.jpg

Mounted on picking cart

Mounted on picking lorry

See many more pictures and videos in the Examples section

Training: AI and Big Data for Mushroom Harvesting

Order your fleet of Spotlights

After several successful trials in 2022 & 2023 with Swiss mushroom growers,  we are now open for orders from other growers internationally.  A limited number of Spotlights will be produced in 2024 and provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  Be one of the first to benefit from a boost to your pickers' productivity!  Contact us to obtain a quote.

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