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Customer Case Studies

Sharing Experiences to Help Improve the Industry

Here are a few examples of the clients using MycoSense technologies.  Many more pictures are available in the Spotlight section.  Feel free to contact us to obtain more information about any of these customer use cases.


Customer Case Studies - Wauwiler Champignons - CH

Wauwiler Production: 75T /week

Pickers: 100+

Growing Rooms: 31

Infrastructure: Traditional Dutch Shelves


Spotlight Use: Big, Medium mushrooms

Opening the Bunches. (Thinning)

Spotlight Benefits: Picking sizes harmonized

No overpicking

New pickers 30-40% faster

Medium pickers 15-25% faster

Experienced: Faster, Less tired

Video first in German then in Polish language - TURN ON ENGLISH SUBTITLES 

Video zunächst in deutscher, dann in polnischer Sprache 

Wideo najpierw w języku niemieckim, a następnie w języku polskim 

Training: AI and Big Data for Mushroom Harvesting

AI and Big Data

A 13-minute walkthrough of the MycoSense product ecosystem

English video, with Polish and German subtitles

Traditional Dutch Shelves, Wheeled Carts


Self-Driving Trolleys

Lorry on Rails

Spotlight deployed on GTL Tilting Shelves


Thinning - Opening the bed (1st Flush, Day 1)


Thinning - Explanation on Setting the right Parameters (set then saved)

Size Control - Quality Assurance


Wooden Crates - Multiple Punnets / Sizes

Dutch Shelves (Spotlight year 2022 version) on Wheeled Carts 

Spotlight Holders - Determining Proper Positioning

The Spotlight device slides onto a 2mm-think metal plate that serves as its holding mechanism on the cart/lorry.  The Spotlight can thus be easily removed.

IMG_0195 (1).jpeg

The holding mechanism must be adjustable in all directions (3 degrees of freedom) so that the right angle can be set (permanently), maximising the projection area on the bed for your specific infrastructure.

The optimal angle is aways: Pointing downwards, titled quite heavily so that the bottom of the projected image (use the full-white-screen mode) is aligned with the sideboard that is close to the picker. The right hand-side of the image should form an 80-90 degree angle with the sideboard, going straight into the bed.

Holder Positioning 1 IMG_2682.jpeg

For a Spotlight installed to the left of the picker, the left-side of the projected image goes straight into the bed at 90 degrees from the sideboard. 

Holder Positioning 2.jpeg

As each picker is not the same height as her colleague (varying usually from 1.5m to 1.8m), the holding mechanism should have a simple way of adjusting the vertical height of the device, ideally with a quick-release pull-knob.  The Spotlight is usually at the height of the picker's face. Since the Holder is attached to the lorry / cart, and the picker needs to use it on different shelves (bottom, mid, upper), she will need to adjust the height during the day, sometimes lifting or lowering it by 5-10cm depending on her lorry's height.

IMG_9827 (1).jpeg

Our Clients

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